How To Connect To Your Wi-Fi

See how to connect to your home network.

How To Watch Movies On E.Hub

You can watch your favorite movies on the box. This video will show you how to stream online movies to your box.

How To Watch TV Shows On E.Hub

This video will show you how to watch streaming TV Shows by searching or by network.

How To Add Voxer For Support

Voxer is the app we use for support on The Box. We’ll show you how to install the Voxer app on The Box in this video.

How To Adjust The Screen Size

We’ll show you how to get the best screen size for your TV and The Box.

How to Update E.Hub

We’ll walk you through how to run Entertainment Hub update wizard and update The Box.

How To Fix No Audio And Boost Volume On E.Hub

If no audio is playing on The Box, this video will show you how to enable digital audio out.

How To Add Apps On E.Hub

Add your favorite apps, games and more!

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